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2 axles farm trailer 220 ql – RP10

Model Rp10

Technical specifications

– Frame in pressed metal sheet with 300 mm high ILS beams.

– Metal sheet flatbed, checkered on the bottom and smooth on top.

– Kneecap flanged eye.

– Tubular axle d. 127 with 310 x 190 brake mass and 10-hole hubs.

– First fixed axle and self-steering second axle with hydraulic reverse lock and camera on the rudder.

– ROR suspension parabolic leaf-spring 4 foils under axle.

– Pneumatic brake with integrated brake corrector.

– 100 QL hydraulic foot front support.

– 245/70 R 17,5 twin wheels assembled on 10-hole industrial disk.

– Single hydraulic tailgate ramps, split or whole with dedicated distributor.

– Hangers fixing on the flatbed.

– Steel ropes holding ramps.

– Rear lights and led side market lights embedded in the metal sheet.

– PVC mudguards and stainless-steel toolbox.

– Safety guards for cyclist.

available measures:
5.50 x 2.55 6.00 x 2.55 6.50 x 2.55
7.00 x 2.55 7.50 x 2.55 8.00 x 2.55

– Various setups (cochlea tank/single-sided tank/tank)

– ROR industrial suspension with lowering kit.

– Weighing system.

– Monitor with camera.

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