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2 unilateral unloading grapes transport tanks 400 QL – RP11

Model RP11

Technical specifications

– Tubular frame with 8 supporting points, 4 + 4 tank.

– Kneecap or sphere flanged eye.

– Unilateral tipping with hydraulic system.

– Tubular axle d. 127 with 406 x 120 cast iron brake and 10-hole hubs.

– First, third and fourth steering axle with hydraulic reverse lock and bright viewer on the rudder.

– Pneumatic steering corrector with pressure controller.

– ROR pneumatic suspension with lowering kit.

– Pneumatic brake with brake corrector or hydraulic brake.?

– 435/50 R 22,5 industrial wheels assembled on 10-hole disk.

– Diverter hydraulic foot front support.

– 2 side stabilizers hydraulic foot with separate plant/installation.

– Marcolin Mod. Sigillo manual coverage.

available measures:
4.00 x 2.45 4.25 x 2.45
4.50 x 2.45 4.75 x 2.45

– Hydraulic suspension with controlled steering.

– 455/40 R 22.5 wheels.

– Turnover kit with electro valves.

– Weighing system.

– Electric coverage.

– Monitor with camera.

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